Artist Statement

The natural world provides sustenance for the mind, heart and soul, and I am transfixed by the abundances of beauty, wonder and mystery all around us. Through my work, I examine our tangled existence with nature and the environment. In the creation of expressionistic, representational paintings, I focus on indigenous animals in natural and man-made environments and their imagined lives. Animals are voiceless, and it is my utmost wish to be their visual voice and advocate.

Creatures that are native to Northern Florida predominate my imagery. Once thrust into these southern subtropics, I became immersed in the cultural and natural subterfuges. A wild and primitive world emerged in the swamps, woods, coastal lands and backyards teaming with unique creatures and ecosystems. There is a primitive sanctity in the remaining wild places here in Florida, as anywhere.

Narratives are created for interconnected characters in their everyday existences, conflicts, trials and tribulations. The anthropomorphic characters can coexist with exotic animals from far away places, or alternately, a domesticated canine muse. Surrealistic imagery is incorporated which signifies whimsy and mystery. Additionally, some creatures have abnormalities that represent an environmental disconnect somewhere within the vast genome belied in nature.

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